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pro·bi·ot·ic: a microorganism introduced into the body for its beneficial qualities. A probiotic is NOT a “probiotic” unless it arrives at the site of action (the intestines) alive where it goes to work providing its probiotic benefits. Without probiotics, the body’s complex system of digestive organs is unable to properly digest food or absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Probiotics also inhibit harmful bacteria and boost the immune system. A live, active probiotic is your key to vibrant health and well-being…which can all be found inside Just Thrive.

More than 100 years ago, scientists in two separate corners of the world uncovered a health-changing secret – how to strengthen the body’s immune system and restore a healthy digestive system by introducing “friendly bacteria” to the gastrointestinal tract (GI Tract). Fifty years later, another scientist labeled that bacteria probiotic, a name derived from both Latin and Greek meaning “for life.” In other words, probiotics are “for life.”

Today, probiotics are more popular than ever. Television commercials and popular health-talk programs, such as Dr. Oz, actively promote the benefits, however not all probiotic supplements have the potency or ability to impact – and transform – your GI Tract. In fact, 95% of the probiotic products on the market do not qualify as probiotics by all scientific definitions and do not fit the design nature intended for a probiotic (read about Survival of Probiotics Through Digestion)!

You may be surprised to learn that your digestive system is the key to creating and maintaining the quality of your physical, mental and emotional health–it’s one of the body’s most essential systems. That’s why the majority of nutritionists today highly recommend probiotics as an indispensable nutritional supplement.

And if you’re looking for a probiotic that is proven, potent and effective…you’ve found it! With Just Thrive, you get a potent probiotic and an antioxidant in one single capsule!

Just Thrive is your best choice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just Thrive® is a unique true probiotic formulation that contains strains that are naturally designed to survive the harsh stomach and thrive in the body’s digestive tract, supporting the body’s ability to improve the growth of its own strains of healthy and beneficial bacteria. Its formulation also includes Bacillus Indicus HU36®, which produces RDA levels of critical antioxidants, such as alpha and beta carotene, lycopene, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin and lutein right where they are absorbed in your intestines. Antioxidants are essential dietary nutrients, most commonly found in leafy green vegetables and brightly-colored fruit, which have been found to help prevent many age-related illnesses.

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