What Makes Just Thrive Probiotic DIFFERENT
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Just Thrive is the first 100% spore-forming probiotic supplement available in the retail market.

Just Thrive replaces the outdated approach of “reseeding” the gut to “reconditioning” the gut, favoring the growth of good bacteria and strengthening whole-body health and immunity. Its specialized spore-based bacilli formulation guarantees the survivability of the probiotics through the stomach and upper digestive system. It not only provides digestive and immune support, but also delivers antioxidants to the GI tract.

The strains used in Just Thrive survive the gastric system 100% and when they arrive alive in the intestines, they have the unique ability to read the microbial environment. In fact, these strains have the ability to:

  • Identify pathogenic organisms (and once they do this, they…)
  • Produce antibiotics
  • Help kill off the pathogenic organism found in your gut.
  • To create compounds and nutrients to feed the good bacteria in the gut.

This approach is the most effective way to achieve diversity in the gut and is why customers are seeing such dramatic results with Just Thrive!

Just Thrive is not trying to reseed the gut with lactobacillus/bifidobacteria strains that simply pass through and do not colonize. Instead, Just Thrive has the ability to bind and colonize and compete for space in your intestines – they are gut commensal organisms (meaning they belong in the gut)– these strains have a 21 day life cycle in the gut, while most other probiotics simply pass through like food. (Link to the garden video)

Also, Just Thrive contains a strain called Bacillus Indicus HU36® – this strain produces antioxidants once it gets to the small intestine and it actually produces carotenoids (the nutrients that give red peppers and tomatoes their color) in your intestines where they can be quickly absorbed into your system.

Studies have found that the actual absorption rate of antioxidants is lower when taken orally. With Just Thrive, however, the body becomes a super-antioxidant factory right in the digestive system at the site where these important nutrients are most needed and absorbed.

Why are these antioxidants essential? Researchers have found that antioxidants contained in brightly-colored fruits and green, leafy vegetables help to prevent age-related diseases.* However, given the prevalence of stressful lifestyles and erratic eating habits, who has time to eat the required amounts of fruits and vegetables necessary to receive the full benefits? In addition, research has shown that supplemented carotenoid-antioxidants do not survive the stomach and so absorption rates are very low. With Just Thrive®, you get a highly effective probiotic that is producing significant amounts of antioxidants right at the site where they are best absorbed by the body.

Just Thrive is the first all spore probiotic and antioxidant combination product!

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Just Thrive has created a complete paradigm shift in the probiotic industry and is truly the next generation of probiotic supplements on the market.

Just Thrive captures the power of hundreds of thousands of years of nature’s design with a specialized bacilli formulation that guarantees survivability through the stomach and upper digestive system.

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