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Secrets to Getting the Most Value From Your Supplements

The Costly Truth: Wasted Money and Ongoing Ailments

You spend hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dollars on supplements every year… but are you really getting your money’s worth?

Because, somehow, despite doing your best to take control of your health, you don’t feel 100%. You try to eat healthy (at least most of the time), get in some exercise, and take all the recommended supplements. But you still feel like your energy is running on low... your joints or muscles feel achy… and your stomach just feels off most of the time.

So what’s getting in the way of your best health? The answer might surprise you: unresolved gut bacteria.


Supplements are Key

Your body counts on both macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) and micronutrients (essential vitamins and minerals) for optimal function.

But thanks to extremely depleted soil – a “side effect” of conventional agriculture – even the healthiest foods contain substantially lower nutrient levels than they did in the past. (Click here to read about it)

That’s why most of us need to take supplements – to replace all the nutrients lost by aggressive farming methods. And supplements help add back more than missing nutrients. They also provide us with healthier quantities of crucial compounds like:

So taking supplements help shore up supplies of the nutrients and other compounds we need to thrive… but that’s just the half of the battle.


Malnutrition & You Body's Ability to Absorb Nutrients

You could be suffering from malnutrition even if you eat plenty of healthy foods, get enough daily calories, and take the best supplements on the market.

That’s because when it comes to nutrients, absorption is one of the most important factors – right up there with the quality of food and supplements you take in. If your digestive system doesn't properly break down nutrients and bioactive compounds to make them available, your body simply can’t use them.

So if your body isn’t fully absorbing all the good stuff you’re putting in, you’re definitely not getting full value from your supplements.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can interfere with how well your body absorbs what it needs from your food and supplements. The biggest culprits include:

  • Medications
  • Stress
  • Aging
  • Caffeine
  • Food additives (like artificial colors)

But what it all really comes down to is your gut and the bacteria that live there (your microbiome).


The Microbiome/Malnutrition Connection

It turns out that gut bacteria make much more of a difference than you’d think when it comes to nourishment.

New research tells us restoring a healthy microbiome – with plenty of diverse beneficial bacteria – can reverse and prevent malnutrition. 

And then there’s this compelling study: Mice that were injected with gut bacteria from malnourished children didn’t grow as much as mice injected with gut bacteria from healthy children… even though all the mice were got the same diet. The mice in the malnourished group simply couldn’t absorb nutrients as well. And the mice in the healthy-bacteria group had stronger bones and muscles than the malnourished-bacteria mice.


Probiotics Make ALL the Difference

Trillions of bacteria control how well your body absorbs and uses nutrients, and that includes supplements (check out this article). 

When your microbiome is out of balance, and the bad bacteria are in control, it interferes with nutrient absorption. So no matter how well you eat or how many high-quality supplements you take, you could still be malnourished if your gut is out of whack. 

The only way to turn things around is to get those good bacteria – probiotics – back in charge. The beneficial bacteria in your microbiome help break down the foods you eat and convert them into the essential nutrients you need. Plus, probiotics also produce important compounds that help your body use those nutrients to the fullest. 

What’s more, those probiotics protect your gut barrier (the wall of your intestines) to make sure nothing gets out that isn’t supposed to. When it’s working, that barrier selectively lets nutrients and other healthy compounds through while locking in toxins.

Bad bacteria do just the opposite – they actually break down the barrier. That lets toxins leak out of your intestines and into your bloodstream, a condition called toxic streaming. At the same time, it keeps nutrients from being absorbed properly – making your high quality supplements virtually useless.

But rebalance your microbiome by replenishing it with probiotics gets everything back on track. The beneficial bacteria repair the barrier and increase nutrient breakdown and absorption, so you can get the biggest benefit of out of your food and supplements.

The trick is using the right probiotics to get that rebalancing job done. The only ones proven to that are the spore probiotics in Just Thrive Probiotic.


Get full value from your supplements with Just Thrive

Boost your nutrient absorption by rebalancing your gut bacteria with the clinically proven spore probiotics in Just Thrive. 

Not only will this team of spore probiotics repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria and protect your intestinal barrier to put a stop to toxic streaming, but they also contribute to nutrient absorption and production in several important ways:

  • Create teams of digestive enzymes that help your body convert food and supplements into nutrients it can use
  • Produce short chain fatty acids, which play an important role in disease prevention
  • Produce highly bioavailable levels of B vitamins and vitamin K
  • Manufacture protective antioxidants such as beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin 

Start getting your money’s worth from your supplements today by revitalizing your gut with Just Thrive.



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